May 4, 2010

allow me

i did it
i am afraid there is no tomorrow.

please allow me...

sedang termenung,

a little prayer

When God created me,
He was showing off his best creation.
A soul filled with holy purity
A heart covered with kindness
A body with strong spirits

When God loves me,
He throws me lots and loads of obstacle.
He wants me to forget Him not.
He wants me to grow stronger.
I might not get award now and here.
But I know..
He has special gift for me up there.

When God knew
That I’m strong enough,
God put bigger difficulties on my path.
To train me to be more patient
To teach me to have faith
To show me how things work in reality
To remind me He is always there for me.

and so...

dear God,
i am nothing more but a servant of you,
who walk on the earth in humility,
please listen and answer to my prayers,
is all what i ask for...ameen.

full of flaws,