August 20, 2010

forever ecstacy addict

a stranger you're once,
with a gentle look you took my hands.
i feel love of passion
the ecstasy that knows no ration.

words twist and tumble through my mind
but i can't grab the right word or the right line.
that's how you made me,
not an awkward silence but speechless always be.

some say perfection is unattainable
for most things that's explainable,
in your arms and with your heart's affection,
i found a brief moment of perfection.

in this paradise, i would like to stay.
you keep me amazed.
you keep me dazed.
my brand new ecstasy is what i praised.

i love you,
always have.always will.


p/s: happy birthday sayang.

august 20, 2010 ampang.