February 6, 2014

have I told you?

have I told you lately
that I love you? 

have I told you 
that I love you to the moon & back? 
that I love you as far as the eyes can see and beyond? 
that I love you juta-juta lemon? 

have I told you
that I miss you so bad?
have I told you 
that I miss you like crazy? 
have I told you lately 
that I miss you setengah mati? 

do you know? 

do you know that
I count each day to meet you again? 
do you know that
I always dream about you? 
do you know that 
not a single second passes by without me thinking of you? 

do you ever know that 
I actually
hum songs you like when I am driving?
sing our songs when bathing?
run everytime I hear my phone rings?
jump when I know the holiday will be long?

and do you know that 
my heart goes munge-munge when I saw your name appears on my phone's screen? 
my heart skips a beat when you're being romantic? 
my heart melts when you care about the littlest things? 

that's how I fill my day without you. 
mm..maybe more likely
how my day turns out without you. 

so now dah tahu kan?
sila call & text me more & selalu balik lama-lama please..? 

perindu husband,

how do I react when I knew there is a bun in the oven?

today I nak share about my feelings masa mula-mula dapat tahu I preggy. 

husband & I sempat lah honeymoon dalam 3-4 months (lebih kurang lah) after married. and husband pon keluarkan statement he wants a kid. I pon prepare myself lah kononnya. 

after dah missed first cycle of menstruating, perasaan munge-munge dah ada dah. tapi mula-mula buat UPT sendiri, result nya negative. agak frustrated di situ. I gagah kan juga untuk buat UPT at nearby private clinic. mula-mula nampak 1 line je, terus I tarik muka. 

tiba-tiba, jeng. jeng. jeng.
doc cakap 'Congrats! You're pregnant. Now, it's 6 week & 3 days. So, you can't eat this, you must eat that, blablablabla...' 

to be frank, I tak ingat dah doc pesan apa. Excited sampai nak tertonggeng lah kiranya nak share the great news dengan husband.

masa doc cakap 'Congrats' je, rasa macam nak lompat-lompat je. nak joget-joget. nak guling-guling. mau nya tak happy. gila kau. happy lah! sebab rasa dapat tunaikan permintaan besar suami & terus rasa macam isteri mithali gitew. hahah boleh? 

lepas tu balik rumah, senyum saje. I rasa time tidur pon I senyum kot. masa tu tengah counting days nak balik KL sebab year end school holidays dah dekat. hari-hari terakhir kat sekolah yang tak best tu dipenuhi dengan senyuman juga. hehe gedik. 

anyway, I felt really grateful and I thanked God for giving us the most wonderful thing ever happens to a married couple.