October 28, 2012

Monday Blues, always.

hi. been long and i should update you the moment i stepped into this school. bleargh.

i arrived at the school around 6.45 this morning. the journey was lonely but i was accompanied by the beautiful moon. it was big this morning that i feel so close to it. it was so yellow, just like my kurung today. i was sleepy while driving but managed to reach at the school safely.

i was asked to introduce myself duing the assembly although i told them i have lost my voice. and so i introduced myself with this rock and sexy voice, in ENGLISH, and all i can see is blur faces and dropped jaws. including the teachers'. surprised?

the teachers didnt speak to me since that. HAHA. i went back to the staffroom alone and do my own work. i think i like when i talk, everyone listens. just like this morning.

the school clerk has yet to settle my documents for my salary and i think it pissed me off. A LOT.
if i had a power or an authority, i'd send all the heads in KPM to a course that talks about 5 / 6 / 7 BASIC NEEDS IN HUMAN LIFE (past and present, perhaps future as well).

hmm..i'm bored. and sleepy. but feeling extremey uncomfortable. because i am now invigilating the exam, in this old wooden block. experiencing staleness..

this school hater,