March 10, 2016

unstable af

today i feel like writing. 

a week has flown by slow. i feel like it has been ages since everything has changed. and i have been feeling lonely and empty ever since, frankly. 

i have been wondering of so many whys. and i'm figuring out still. what kind of test is this? most of all, i feel unfair when i dont have the chance to choose even at the first place. fate already did for me. 

i am unstable af now. i dont know how i will endure this alone. 

it was brief yet it was the longest in my mind. 
in those littlest things i secretly cherish, 
i still found happiness in this agony. 
although it would only last for 10 seconds before the reality slaps me, 
it matters. 
because you matter. 

was once your bae.