August 17, 2011

doubts on teaching profession :/

Day after day
Week after week
It has been a month or so since I started my practicum.

I can't even describe how I feel about it.
One minute I'm on the top of the world, another second I can cry a river.

Without doubt, teaching is the noble-st profession above all else.
Without educators, who are doctors? who are architects? who are scientists? and the list could go on.
Having to write the previous sentence, I feel the responsibility. I can feel the burden.

The first time I entered the school, it started as beautiful as Megan Fox.
To my disappointment, it's later on changed into hell.
I was bullied by them almost everyday.
I conducted their extra classes and the money goes into their pockets.

I enjoy sharing stories and exhanging ideas with my students.
Their participation are like my motivation boosters.
I melt when I see they laugh and thinking about all of these I am inspired to teach.
They are a bunch of sweethearts.
but sometimes they can be such a pain in the neck.
They hardly hand in their homework. They show no interest in some lessons.
It pinched me in the heart.

I don't find enough satisfaction in teaching.
I don't know if I could find any.
Even if I did, I know it won't last long.

Teaching needs passion,
To my disgrace, I don't have one.

yours truly,

July 25, 2011

finding a time

dear diary,

i miss spending time with you. how i wish i could turn back time and make it stop the moment we want it. i hardly enjoy my life now. i'm struggling to survive this practicum periods. there are so many things to be done and yet there is so little time. i wish i could share with you, just like how i used to before...


July 5, 2011


moved into the house already.
few basic stuffs have been set up. (:
but still,
i feel lonely.

coz i am alone.
wey cuzzie,
cepat la datang sini!

this house is big.
i think it's nice and cozy too.
and of course, if the allowance is out,
i'm gonna spend a lot on it. ;p

many thanks to you!

embracing life without transportation,hah.hah.

June 26, 2011

AE, Ae, aE, @.e

mak & abah is here.
and i feel extremely happy about that. (:

they gonna be here for a week.
and i think that's quite a time.
so, abah is planning for hotel tour. hah.hah.

i'm stretching my brain,
working on my research proposal.
urgh! malasnya...

gotta work on it.
no matter what.

p/s: need motivation booster. :p

sedang berusaha,

June 24, 2011

loving myself,

since everyone went back to their home sweet home,
i decided to went out.alone...

so, i wandered around at shopping mall.alone..
there's a crazy sales going on at CP
but truth be told, nothing's interesting to me.

i bought some 'women stuff' that i really need at this moment.
i feel relieved because without it, my days will be disasters!

i stepped into the small spa,alone..
and got myself a nice manicure treatment. (:

and i love it!

i treated myself a grande of java chip
and read magazines at starbuck.alone..

and now,
as i'm writing this entry,
i'm still alone in this lonely room.

i think i enjoyed my outing today. hee~
by the way,
mak & abah will be here tomorrow.can't wait!

signing off,

bila weekend tiba...

arini i sorang je kat bilik.
my roommates semua balik rumah masing-masing.
so, i sunyi. )':

all my friends balik rumah.
phye pun balik rumah.
fanzi pun busy je.artis la katakan. haha

now baru 1.40pm.
i tak tau nak buat apa la. *sigh*



June 23, 2011

jumping up & down

a simple call would make my world go round.
a simple text would make me jump up and down.

love you sampai mati!,

di mana oh! di mana

mahukan dia...


like a cotton candy

"when you hold it too tight, it dies.
when you hold it too loose, it flies."

p/s: tiba-tiba rasa macam feel brand new pulak.heh~

want the best for us,

June 22, 2011

when boredom strikes...

seeming like i have plenty of time (now),
i feel like writing another entry for today.

Things I found today:

1. It feels awkward to stay at the hostel at the age of 23.
2. Your stress level would hit the maximum stage.
3. You would feel like consuming lots of caffeine.
4. Then you realized caffeine does not reduce your stress level.
5. You swear and curse yourself for that.
6. You tried other option which I shouldn't mention here.
7. And it does not work too.
8. You'd feel like crying after that.
9. But you don't.
10. Because you wanna prove that you are already a grown-up.
11. So, you just hit the bed and pretend everything is fine.
12. When you woke up and looked into the mirror, you feel pathetic for yourself.
13. I think I bore you to death.
14. Because my entries are mostly about life in this so-called prison.
15. I should change the topic.
16. You still can be homesick at the age of 23.
17. Missing your precious ones is a beautiful pain.
18. I lied.
19. It is of course painful.
20. You'd feel like crying again.
21. And you won't.
22. I think I really should change the topic.
23. I think Fanzi has become a better driver today. :P
24. i-10 is actually spacious.
25. But I still couldn't find the button to adjust its bass, fade, and etc.
26. Anyway, JP is a cool place to chill.
27. When customers ask for the bill, they actually want to check the price for each order.
28. By right, waiter & waitress should know how to write a bill.
29. Maybe I should stop here before talking much more crap.

having mixed emotion,

masih tidak aku berpijak pada bumi yang nyata.

hearing about practicum and academic exercise scares the shit out of me.
i'm scared if i couldn't cope up with both tasks.
i'm scared if i couldn't get an A for both.what more to impress my supervisor.

for once, i realized that i am not ready for this.
i feel the responsibility is far more too hard that i could ever imagine.
i don't feel i deserve to carry one.
it just don't suit me best.

and for once,
i realized that i am maybe a little bit too late to turn back.

stranded and lost,

hostel... :/

pagi tadi
air kat hostel ada siket je.

i rasa macam awkward gile kot.. :/

tengah hari
hostel masih takde air.

i still rasa awkward.. :/

petang tadi
air ada banyak.
tapi ramai pulak orang nak mandi.

i rasa awkward jugak sebab kena tunggu turn. :/

tak suke tinggal kat hostel,

June 21, 2011

dead silence

sunyi sepi... )':


June 20, 2011


Once again, I’m returned to this place.
Nothing much changed here.
But it feels so different.
I’m homesick.

The day wasn’t started so well.
And it turned me off.
I’m homesick.

‘HELL NO’ to the ridiculous rules.
I am no longer 18 year old girl.
I am 23.
That’s a big gap. Fool.
I’m homesick. I’m homesick. I’m homesick.

Save me.
Take me out from here.


May 21, 2011

another day

another day spent.
another day of smiles and laughter.
another day to remember.

p/s: credit to A for the lovely pic! *hugging u babe* (:


April 26, 2011

cuak dow!

tomorrow is going to be
the one and only,
the first and last,
final paper.

i have no idea why am i nervous to death at the moment.
it's annoying.

wish me luck.

*talking to myself*

oh.fark! it's so lonely to be locked up in this small room, reading and studying this alone, with no sound but the rain.

smart student (macam haram),

it's there, before my eyes.

I saw it.
I saw the house.
I was speechless.

There was no sound that I could make.
But there were so many things running through my mind.

It was so beautiful. It looked so elegant.
Standing still on top of a hill, surrounded heavily by green trees and a wide view to serve the eyes.
It was so beautiful. It looked so expensive.

It struck my heart.
Not for the memories. Not for what I have missed.
Knowing who you are now, knowing who you were before.
I couldn’t help but think.
What a change have you went!
I couldn’t help but think.
Why didn't life treat you well?
I couldn’t help but think.
How are you actually doing?

Because I couldn’t imagine myself being in your shoes.

I feel sorry.
For sometimes I threw words
like I knew everything. like everything is so easy.
But having to look at it, I understand how hard it is.
how bad it is capable to hit you.
and why we could fight over these things.

It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t that simple.
Being so used to it and lose it in a blink of eye could make you insane.

It is traumatic. It is indeed unbearable.

p/s: please hang in there...

offering strength,

April 20, 2011




April 17, 2011

food galore!

yesterday was Saturday.
i mean, another Saturday.
what i'm trying to say is another Saturday left me. T.T

i had sleeping marathon.
damn! it was good.seriously! you should try.

last night, i woke up with an empty tummy. @.@
suddenly i have the urge to eat so many things.
grilled chichken chop, subway, tom yam, steam siakap, steamboat, KFC, checheongfun, satay, all these crossed my mind.
okay, he likes to stuff me with, don't blame me when suddenly i have a big eating desire.

i ended up eating grilled chicken chop with black pepper sauce and kerang rebus only.because these two menu have made my small tummy full and i can barely breathe.haha

D.U uptown is one of our favourite spots for dinner.
they have lots and loads of choices of foods.
you name it,you get it.

as always,
night ride always comes after a dinner. *wink*
and as always,
i enjoy the ride so much.

semakin demdem,

April 14, 2011

a breath of relief

fffinaly, today i have done with my presentations and microteaching (after being postponed for several times and it was really suck waiting for everything to finish later that you're expected).

microteaching was okay.
nothing interesting because i did the post-writing stage, which is evaluation stage. SHE doesn't want any application kind of activities and that's so lame...

it has been seriously a long day.
when class started at 8.30 in the morning and ended at 9pm.
although there was quite a big gap between morning and evening class, it was still a wear the same baju kurung until 9pm.

in my previous-previous entry,
i did mention that sem 6 is really a torture.
as yes, it is hell.


i've learned something new,
that it was really a heartbreaking when your bestfriend hurt you for the very first was very much painful if it was to be compared when your loved one hurt you.

sometimes, it's not the action that hurts us most.
but most of the time, it's the words and the way the words being spoken.
that it is like a dagger strikes right through your heart and rips your heart out.

but what else could beat the meter of the value of friendship?

we're cool by now.i love you, bestfriend/s. (: *hugs*

si penyayang, ;p

April 9, 2011


Once upon a time,

Saturday is the day i've always waited.
i've waited for it before.
i'm still waiting for it now.
and i will always wait for it in the future.

Saturday is the day i keep myself free.
i won't do anything related to studies.
or anything that requires me a lot of thinking.
it is the day to lazy around on the bed.

Saturday is the day to keep things organize.
i have to keep myself organize.
and arrange my stuffs so they will be organized.

Saturday is my laundry day.
and it can be a spring cleaning day.
room, kitchen, hall, and even the car.

Saturday is the day to kill my loneliness.
i will go out with my awesome friends as companions.
we will go dinner, lepaking, sharing stories, making jokes and laugh.

Saturday is the day to celebrate life.
embracing it not only with my friends but also my loved one.
'true or dare' is our game most of the time.

Since there are not so many Saturdays left...

Saturday is the day i've always waited.
for he is available only on Saturday.
most Saturdays, i will spend quality time with him.
just the two of us.him and i.
it is the day we express our love.
we snuggle in the cinema,
we feed each other dinners,
and we hold hands in the night rides.
we chill at awesome places and enjoy the music played.
we are rejoiced with smiles, laughter, hugs, and kisses.

i love Saturdays.
Saturdays make my life complete.

my Saturdays are going to be remembered all the time.

Saturday lover,

April 8, 2011

part 6 is a torture.

another week to go.
and i just can't wait to end this semester.
despite the fact that i have one paper for the final exam on the end of april,
i just want to stop rushing for classes in the morning.

speaking of classes,
i hate replacing classes.seriously.
with tons of assignments and other commitments,
i found replacing classes as a disturbance.
worst if it was an unplanned you already planned what you're going to do at noon, suddenly in the morning you're told a replacement class is on that afternoon. =.='

we're done with a few course like Asian Literature, Methodology in Teaching Literature, and Second Language Acquisition. Though, we still have to come to class just to discuss a few things before this semester over.oh, except Asian Literature.we don't need to go to the class anymore yet there are still 3 assignments of the course need to be sent before our final paper.

that's for asian literature, and i'm not going to write about other KIV assessments for other subjects.thinking about them makes me tired,what more to talk about them.

si mengah,

April 1, 2011

the haunted house

i'm afraid of the dark.
i'm afraid of screams.but i love to scream.
above all, i'm afraid of the ghosts.

to satisfy and not to disappoint my besties,
i joined them to enter the haunted house that was organized on the carnival day.

hearing the howling and screaming from the inside of the house,
i was actually shaking.
but i talked so much with my friends that i ignored the shakes.

and so arrived our turn.
i grabbed pai's and fanzi's hand.i wish i could close my eyes.
i swore all the way to the exit.

i couldn't really remember how the ghosts look like (because it's dark),
but one that i really-really-really could not forget is
the white ghost, wrapped in a white cloth, its nose blocked with cotton.
and the eyes were white.

there was a ghost followed fanzi because fanzi laughed throughout our journey in the haunted house.but what fanzi said to that ghost was,
"jangan lah ikut saya, bang. gi kat tempat abang balik."

it was a very funny experience since i last entered a haunted house which is when i was small.thanks pai and fanzi for making me less scared. :D

with this high imagination that i have,
explains why i refuse to watch horror movies.

si penakut,

March 26, 2011


since the weather today is so fucking hot,
i do nothing all day long but lazing around on my bed.
and when the sun set,
my tummy began to sing.

urgh.need to grab something.
before i get ready to go out, googled where is nearest pasar malam for today..hee~
sebab dah lapar sangat, nak mamam manyak-manyak-manyak.
ah-ha! there is one pasar malam at section 19.
and so i went there.of course, not alone.
he accompanied me. i think i accompanied him.sebab dia yang tiba-tiba nak cari pasar malam ni.

macam orang yang dah tak makan untuk beberapa hari,
i feel like buying all the foods. *drool*
so i bought keropok yang cwunchy, popia basah, spring potato, etc.etc.etc and today's main course is yong tau foo.

my monster chose to eat yong tau foo.
he chose,chose,and chose (this may sound a lot but actually it's only a little)
and there you go, RM14.20.
and we were like, O.o ?? WTF?

it's nonsense!
only if we knew, we are willing to drive and hit the flamingo steamboat at sunway!

terus turn-off nak beli all the foods which look very tempting earlier.

burp! dah kenyang,


sahalam is still a natural sauna.
nothing changes here.
but my skin colour.i'm getting darker.

today's weather is killing me.
it is so hot since early morning.
up to this moment.
i slept with sweat.and made me feels very energy-less.

i dont feel like doing anything in this state of weather.
but to wash my feet every 5 minutes to keep me chill.
maybe i should plant some trees in my house.
or maybe i should install an air-cond? *dont think i have enough money to buy*
plant trees is more environmental friendly.

oh yes people.
earth hour tonight.
8.30pm.forget not.

i love rains,

March 18, 2011

just another bad day

Today was not turned out as I expected.

Losing someone we love is a fear to everyone. It is inevitably for one to feel insecure. I completely understand that.

Every thing happens for a reason. And that explains my action. I know it could raise a sudden doubt if you were to find it (and you did). Sacrifice is not something that I would prance about. Who prances about thing that is sincerely done? We won’t call sacrifice is a sincere act then. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t want you to feel bad knowing that I’m willingly troubling myself for you (you may be feeling this way). By all means, I don’t feel that troubles me at all. After all, it is you – the only one I love – that I helped. Knowing your situation, I don’t want to burden you more with my can-be-solved problem. So please, at one moment, please look at this thing from my view.

I could tell you to avoid this from happening. But what I wrote earlier is the reason I hid it from you. I’m sorry.

being reserved,

March 17, 2011


Looking at the calendar, this semester is heading to its ending soon. There are so many things to be completed within the time left. And that means I actually have less than two months to savor the life I have here.

I spend less time with him due to the packed classes and burden of assignments. He has started the business and it makes our time clashes most of the time. Unlike how it used to be before when he had plenty of time to attend to my needs, we seldom have quantity and quality time to spend together now. And I hate this fact.

He seems beyond my reach. Knowing there is not much time left, I FEEL ABANDONED. I can understand the situation but IT IS SO HARD TO BEAR WITH IT – like a dagger strikes through my throat and goes into my heart. All these things make me nothing but A CHILD.

Literally, I miss him so bad.

missing my love,

March 3, 2011

a fact - based on true events

it's funny how annoying a person can be.
they are undeniably born stupid. they are still lingering with things that are completely over. education qualification is merely a scroll. nothing more.
these people are very selfish. pretend like they care about others. as if! they are very manipulative in twisting lines, demand people to consider their pathetic conditions, and act like a big winner at the end of the game.
they hunger for attention. parading the god of the devil with angel's mask on their faces. they seek publicity in disgusting manners which is indescribable by words. only they know how to perform actions as such.
they trouble people a lot. create messes and let others pay. some parts are lacking in them which deny the qualities of human beings. they are monsters. they don't have sense of guilt and shame.

i don't mind people do bad things
as long as it doesn't cost others.

bad things mean it's only between you and yourself, or maybe God.
don't chain messes and let others involve.

find better things to do that can benefit you.

the one who doesn't appreciate people as described above,

February 27, 2011




February 22, 2011

great escapade

In the midst of hectic and pack classes,
I found my way for a little gateway.
The trip became even more meaningful with the companions of him and a few so-called bestfriends.


Having candle light dinner at the beach couldn’t be any more romantic. The waves and the breezes had taken away my tiredness after 3 hours of not so smooth flight.

We wet ourselves with our own sweats late night at night clubs. Frankly, there are a lot lot and lot of clubs there. You can dance along the street if you want to. Some night club open 24 hours and some parties start at 2am - which definitely wowed me! I danced with him and he looked at me – one kind of look. I got embarrassed, buried my face into his chest and he wrapped me tightly and laughed.

We went around the town with the scooter that we rented. Okay, the traffic is really packed. That’s the reason we didn’t rent a car. When I said it is packed, I really mean it. The street is so small. You’ll hear the honking sound for almost every 5 seconds. Can you imagine how annoying is that? But as time passed by, I get used to it. ;p

There were many ‘sales’ tags hung at almost every shop. I was very excited. Bersemangat nak shopping! And there was a massive Roxy & Quicksilver sale which the sale is up to 90%. OMG! I rushed there and got myself a set of bikini that he chose for me opss! and a few other garments and a slipper.

Kuta beach is like beach of people.There were so many people embracing the good view, the waves, and the breezes. Once again I can fill smooth sands between my toes. We filled our tummy with the famous Bakso – Scrumptious! But I don’t eat the balls. Hee~

I got a temporary tattoo at the back of my left shoulder. So does my friends, except him. He got back massage for MYR7.ngee~ There are also many pretty and irresistable bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. He got himself a nice bracelet and bought an anklet for me and together, we picked a necklace which we agreed to take turn wearing it because the design that we like was sold out.As the sun set, we took a stroll at the beach. The guys’ eyes were opened very widely – mencuci mata mereka. :O

The guys went surfing. Like little children who were so eager to surf, after 20 minutes they went surfing, they got carried away by the waves heading to the right of the beach which was far from our spot. Watching them was really fun. Hahaha.

It was a really great escapade. I can see how happy he was and how he enjoyed every time spent together.
It is another unforgettable memories and I’ve started missing the place.

from Bali, with love


February 12, 2011

a tale of a pair of shoes

never had i thought accompanying a man shopping could break my ankles.
my back hurts to death.

for a pair of shoes,
i wandered around the vast sunway pyramid for like 5 hours.
inspired by 'forest gump'(haha), i energized
that we went into each and every footwear shop including jusco and parkson.

'i like this one, but...'

'okay tak this one?'

'ala...last one aa?'

'lets go to mid?'

it was a wrong time to go shopping, i would say.
there is no more 'sale' going on...none at all.

but i enjoyed went shopping with him.
great jokes, massive laughters, funny arguments.

p/s: pardon the title.this is definitely NOT a tale.haha

wants to shop somemore,

February 6, 2011

insomniac ramblings

a beautiful paradise to be stranded in.
a high place to feel in the blank.
vacations needed.noted that.

pocket.pocket.don't ever be a pickpocket.
purple notes, thousands, why aren't you in the pocket?

rain rain come again and again
your smell i like and
your presence i wait
a walk with you, i'd enjoy the most.

a body warm in a bed.
a feet warm under a blanket.
snuggle.snuggle.don't get tangle. insomniac ramblings!


February 5, 2011

somebody call 999

the 8th floor was burnt into fire.
thick black smoke covered the top of the building.

people started to point fingers to where i stood.above me,to be exact.
i stood at the window.wondering whats going on.
i didn't smell the smoke or even see the smoke.
did i lose my senses?

okay.i heard the siren wailed loudly.
very loud.i mean it.

mom got panicked.
she packed her stuffs.
we packed our stuffs, too.


and dad said,
everything is fine now.
they put out the fire already.

i exhaled, relieved.

feeling lucky,

February 4, 2011

too soon

by right, by now,

i should be:








so, when it hurts,
it doesn't hurt that much.


each to their own

accept changes.

respect each needs.

celebrate our differences.


each to his own.

yours truly,

have faith in us

i said it.
we said it.

we are scared.

everything's gonna be alright.
we believe so.

have faith,

January 24, 2011

missing him is a beautiful pain

people say that they find love as if it is hidden by a rock.
love takes many forms and it is different for any man and woman.
what they find then is a certain love.
- Mitch Albom, 2008.

and i found a certain love with him;
a grateful love,
a deep and pure love,
a blissful one,
a love that makes me alive,
helps me grow stronger,
presents me a happy life,
one that I knew, above all else,
is irreplaceable.


my day is good.but it will be a thousand time better if you're around.
i miss you badly. *listening to Need You Now - Lady Antebellum and slowly slipping under the blanket*

yours truly,

January 17, 2011


tick tock tick tock
time crushes and kills
time takes all you have given

tick tock tick tock
time to begin, time to end
a time to stay, a time to flee

time is precious
time is priceless
and yet
you still waste your time on unnecessary things.

kl heritage hunt 2010

someone like me
who is always having a backache,
complaining it's tiring to walk a long distance,
who always wish for piggy back rides,
someone like me
who can easily get pissed off and make faces
yang banyak kerenah mengade-ngade,

would WON the 3rd place of KL Heritage Hunt - december 18, 2010?

believe it.i did it.i won.yay!

to go to 8 checkpoints
and complete the task at each stop

1st-matic field : lastik a can with marbles from a 10 metres distance
2nd-little india : find a 'steel bird'
3rd-kl sentral : find a pillar that wrapped with the oldest adv on NST newspaper
4th-petaling street : find a lot number for (i forgot the name of the shop)
5th-central market : batik painting
6th-dataran merdeka : find in what year (Masjid Jamek, Cathedral of St. Marry, Textile Museum) was built?
7th-masjid kg.baru : eat 2 bowls (per team) of bubur lambuk
8th-klcc art gallery : find the selected drawings and fill in the details of them

and getting place in the top 3,
is really an achievement.

he smiled and said "i'm proud of you."

proud of myself too,

January 6, 2011

awan nano

Lihat ke arah sana
Serakan warna dan berarakan
Pabila terik panas
Segera hadirnya memayungi diri

Pabila kau dahaga
Sesegera turun hujan melimpahkan kasihnya
Pabila kau katakan
Akulah awan itu yang kau mahu

Begitulah awan nano
Setia melindungi diri
Tika panas mencuba menggores pipi
Dan bibirmu

Begitulah awan nano
Sering saja tak terduga hadir
Dan tak akan tercapai jejarimu

Kasih tiada banding
Setia tiada tara
Bagaimanapun jua

Awan kekasih sebenarmu sayang
Walaupun tak akan tercapai jejarimu

Lihat diriku ini
Yang sesekali pernah kau bagaikan awan
Sehingga tak mungkin terlupa
Berikan belas sedari dulu

Sehingga tak mungkin termampu saksi
Setitis pun air matamu kasihku
Sehingga kau katakan
Akulah awan itu yang kau rindu

Akulah awanmu yang sedia
Melindungi dirimu tika panas mencuba menggores pipi
Dan bibirmu

Akulah awanmu yang sering kau rindu
Dan tak terduga hadirmu walau tak tercapai jejarimu

Kasih tiada banding setia tiada tara
Bagaimanapun jua
Aku pelindung dirimu sayang
Walaupun tak akan tercapai jejarimu

Begitulah awan nano
Setia melindungi diri tika panas mencuba menggores pipi
Dan bibirmu

Begitulah awan nano
Sering saja tak terduga hadir
Dan tak akan tercapai jejarimu

Kasih tiada banding setia tiada tara
Bagaimanapun jua
Aku pelindung dirimu sayang
Walaupun tak akan tercapai jejarimu

suke (:

January 3, 2011


twenty-eleven celebration was absolutely fun!

i experienced sleeping in a tent for the first time after 22 years living in this world.kesian nye i...but first time is always the best.
i couldn't agree more.

snuggled under the blanket inside a tent,
with the sound of waves,
i woke up with a big smile, feeling so energetic. hee~

since young, i am not an adventurous type of person.
but surprisingly, i went for an hour kayak trip.
hebat tak? hebat kan?

i was so close to the ocean.
but i feel so secure.
it's like the ocean is mine..
seronok gile!!

beach volleyball is another thing.
the wind added up the fun of playing it.

while snorkling,
i stepped on a pointed coral and it left a cut under my feet.
it hurts.
but remember all the happiness and excitement,
the hurt, the tiredness, they all left me.

it's a great start of a new year.

p/s: happy twenty-eleven people!
have a glorious and meaningful year ahead.


started to like convenient camping,